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 Our Handmade Soap is Different


Easy to use and not oily. Nutritious and Moisturizing. The naturalist and the simplest ingredients.  


Camellia Sesame Soap

🌿 Only choosing the Made-in Taiwan Tea Tree Oil and Sesame Oil, from the old heritage and Taiwan’s local craftmanship. Rich in Oleic Acid which has excellent skin-friendliness, giving the best moisturizing and repairing effects. 


Plant Sterols

🌿 By adding Plant Sterols in our conditioning and protective soap, it is especially suitable for dry and prone skin.


Pure Olive & Milk Soap

🌿 Formulated with 100% Olive Oil and Fresh Milk, the soap makes gentle and delicate bubble foam. And the oil is natural and moisturizing. Giving the top care for dry and fragile sensitive skin.  


Amino Acid Soap

🌿  With the main ingredients of Coconut Oil and High-purity Amino Acid, the soap gives you a gentle ph 6.0 low irrigation and becomes more refreshing than ever.

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Our skin has been taken care of, how about our mood?

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= Handmade Soap =

Insisted on Cold Process Soap, double the essential oil.

Keep the soap nutritious and release the natural smell of the essential oil.

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